360° music agency

A team of experienced musicians, producers, and music business professionals, with backgrounds in publishing, recording, and creativity, found themselves at the intersection of commercial and more niche music projects some years ago. In the process, they effortlessly created several heavy-hitting hits on Slovenian radio stations. This led to the idea of an egalitarian cooperative bridging the performance, creative, and business aspects of the music industry, which has now become a reality under the name SonicTribe. The initial idea of an independent label quickly evolved into a comprehensive music agency that offers a 360-degree service model to musicians, composers, and producers. From management and music production to copyright management, PR and digital promotion, booking - you name it - everything a musician needs in one place, within one tribe. SonicTribe: a 360° music agency.


  • Band management
  • Music production
  • Copyright management
  • PR & digital marketing
  • Concert booking

  Business Information:
  • Full company name: SonicTribe d.o.o.
  • Address: Grablovičeva ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana,
  • Slovenia Registration number: 8260818000
  • VAT ID: SI67181465
  • Tax number: 67181465

General Contacts: