Batista Cadillac

From soul to rock, through pop, back to soul. Like good wine needs its time, so did Batista Cadillac. After four years of slow maturation, something big happened in '22. First, an incredibly successful performance at EMA, where they stepped onto the big TV stage for the first time and presented the most outstanding EMA '22 song. And Mim Pravil quickly became a nationwide hit, greatly marked by G.H., aka Gojko Ajkula, with his contribution in the music video. Then came the preparations for the debut album, which saw the light of day at their performance on the next big stage, a sold-out concert at KinuŠiška. The spring/summer season was filled with numerous performances, during which the fresh rookie band finally transformed into a confident soul machine, showcasing its full splendor and power once again to the audience at a sold-out concert in SitiTeater. However, the guys say that there are still many challenges ahead and that this is just the beginning.

Urban Lutman, vocal
Matija Koritnik, guitar, vocal
Primož Hudoklin, guitar
Jakob Zlatinšek, keys
Sebastjan Podlesnik, bass guitar
Matjaž Skaza, drums